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Patrick Wind Course

Patrick Wind establishes two practical answers in his Ads Accelerator course that are very important. The first one is more marketing-related answer, the other one is an answer more business-related. Let’s begin with the marketing related perspective.

Patrick Wind personally sees growth potential in Facebook Adsaccelerator course

This year and probably next year too. One of them is Youtube, which is being implemented the function of combining Google Shopping with Youtube, which is great.

Imagine that you are watching a YouTube video of Nike or just a single soccer player sponsored by Nike and below him, you see all the featured products that you have seen in the video, converting them into buyable content. This will be something huge this year and probably next year too.

Patrick Wind’s perspective refers to that when you are in the digital marketing area, something that some enterprises in Europe still neglecting is the Pinterest platform. It depends on a lot of the audience, the cart group, and the product. Despite the fact that it needs some improvement in their interface it is still being a good business platform.

For example, one of the digital marketing enterprises that Wind works with sells jewelry for women and the target audience is 80% women and all of them with an age range between 25 y 40 years old. Being this a female audience of high acquisition power, what is a very intelligent strategy for every businessman.

Pinterest is for businessman a very clever idea because Pinterest has just released a way to publish announcements in the same way Facebook and Instagram Does, It’s very simple but the CPM is lower, what isn’t too much important but it still being a KPI indicator.

So, from a Adsaccelerator perspective, you don’t only take advantage of the sea of the digital market but the fight for the fish that everyone wants to catch. We have to try new channels where the big enterprises are not involved yet.